SIDMOD UBOX download firmware | schematic | upload software (theory only) updated: 24-12-2016
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This is a project I started a while back in 2015, its been a ride!

Using the dsPIC33ep512 from microchips (tm) the unit runs on 70Mhz.

Using this chip I had the boards printed off using pcbtrain.

The display is cheap enough utilising the SSD1289 and SSD1298 running at 16bit, since the drivers and some code where borrowed I will not be able to sell the sourcecode or the device with the firmware pre-burned. I will provide a compiled free to download firmeware and some demo code for you to try...

This project is by no means a competitor to the Raspberry PI (that thing is a beast!) but for those wanting to work with microcontrollers and not microprocessors.

There is a header for a 16BIT wide header, for use for data chunks or just simple switches.

To use this device I would recommend a Microchips PICKIT 3 or ICD programmer.

I hope to initially put a boot loader for serial upload... it will expect the firmware provided. But you will need a USB to Serial (if you dont have a real serial port) and this program to upload the firmware...

I will provide a retro VB6 sourcecode for the uploader so if you want to edit... also that peace of mind that I haven't added anything nasty to the code.



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