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I would like to thank you for the support and interest!

Sales of the SIDBOX is currenlt Unavailable as it still in early stages...

You can find out more on MsMadLemons youtube review.

PLEASE know, I will be releasing the SidBox for sales soon, but as for a date: I will update this page to give one.

I am truely sorry.... PLEASE stick with me though - There are features that I want to be 100% working. MsMadLemon and John (Bugg) are helping me debug and give me ideas of the interface.

I am a one man Band and these have to be made by hand currently so when orders are opened up. they may take a few days for each one to be made.

John is looking into designing the packaging and moulding of the case for me...

NEWS: [back to top]

23-MAR-2018 FONTS

I'd like to say a big thank you to Shawn Tewes from the SIDBOX facebook group, for producing the fonts outside of the original SIDBOX rom, these fonts can now be used in the sidbox.

rename your font to "font.fon" and store it to \S\ reboot.

22-MAR-2018 CASES

Just has some amazing support, from Cato Hagen from the SIDBOX facebook group - offered to help supply some very seriously nice prints, using strong PLA.

May even have rubber shock protection cases also. From what I've, these are clearly at a great standard!

THE FIRMWARE: [back to top]
Click on the version number you want to download, Do note the firmware right now can only be flashed Via a PIC KIT 3 , IDC 3 by microchips.

Date Version Description
17-FEB-2018   4.3.3150 6502 emulation included, with one easter egg.
07-APR-2018   4.3.4545 6502 emulation included, with one easter egg.

THE MANUALS: [back to top]

Date Version Description
09-MAR-2018   4.3.4076 The manual, Hoping this is going to be helpful.
23-MAR-2018   4.3.4464 The manual, Hoping this is going to be helpful.
02-MAY-2018   4.3.x The component placement and ID (for those who wants the KIT instead)

6502 EMULATION: [back to top]

While this unit has the capacity to emulate the 6502, the memory model does not 100% fit around the C64... There are just time critical stuff this chip while could do it, would not be fast enough to BE a c64 at any useable rate... however my own "computer" seems to run well enough for basic games... the one thing i DID try to keep is the memory locations for the SID, Using KickAss Assembler, this system will run 6502 code. will run .prg files, but since the memory maps aren't the same from a c64, you might have some interesting results.

Date Version Description
11-FEB-2018   4.3.2885 The memory map - added areas, none changed
10-FEB-2018   4.3.2860 Sprite information
23-MAR-2018   4.3.4464 The memory map

THE SOFTWARE: [back to top]
I've included the software here and while this program is in constant updates, it uses legacy visual basic, while it does work, some of you might cringe... for the purpose of testing and speed , VB is still viable

Date Version Description
10-FEB-2018   V1.0 The software - not yet available: Need to clean up the code, and remove debugging stuff.

FONT FILES: [back to top]
Some font files for use with the SIDBOX, store as "font.fon" in the "/S/" directory.

Date Version Description
23-MAR-2018   V1.0 Topaz 8x8 (amiga) -recreated by Wayne H
23-MAR-2018   V3.0 LED 8x8 - created by Shawn Tewes

TWITTER FEED: [back to top]

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YOU MUST UNDERSTAND money from donations here are used for materials for the SIDBOX only.
PLEASE PLEASE do not donate anymore than £5.

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