PROJECTS updated: 24-05-2017
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This is where I will try to keep up to date with all the projects.

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This is a pretty big project in that it will play basic PCM/ MOD/ SID tunes only

Due to legal and patents, I have provided the firmware to download. Otherwise the board and kit will be available for sale.

NOTE: to upload the firmware, you'll need to use a microchips PICKIT3 or Microchip developement KIT to install this update, I WILL attempt to make a SERIAL bootloader... this will be SLOW though. I am sorry

  download: firmware
goto: ZPad v4

An attempt to writing a small OS, windowing system for electronics embedded systems.

The system written entirely in C, and a tiny bit of dedicated ASM.

NOTE: since the project is all my work, all research and no copying! HOWEVER id like to point out that some of the work is fairly close to the amiga OS, as in the way they did things... I have not done any plagiarism. So i will release the OS files as it is. No purchase needed.

OS: Nox 4.0 download: not yet available.


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