PROJECTS   updated: 10-OCT-2018
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This is where I will try to keep up to date with all the projects.

goto: THE SIDBOX 4.3

Like the first version of this, I made this project a little more complex, while it does pretty much the same as the first version. This has the power of a PIC32MZ (225Mhz)

Using the microchips MCU and an EXTERNAL SRAM 512k worth, it allows cache the tunes into that area, it allows to run 6502 from there also and the internal 512k SRAM is used for the video graphics, and ton of functions.

The unit has the power to unLHA good old archvies into ram, and then play them.

PLEASE NOTE: The unit is unavailable for sales at the moment, multple sections still not programmed and debugged.

  download the firmware here | shopping system (not online yet) | project progress tracker
goto: ZPad v4

An attempt to writing a small OS, windowing system for electronics embedded systems.

The system written entirely in C, and a tiny bit of dedicated ASM.

NOTE: Please note, the OS while written from scratch, some functions where researched and utilised. The work no longer is of just me now... while i physically coded it, some function i needed help with.

OS: Nox 4.0 download: not yet available.


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